Many people sit improperly at their desk every day for long periods of time. This can have a major physical impact on the body.

Improper posture can be described as:

  • Hunched or slouching shoulders
  • Head forward carriage
  • Tilted or uneven hips
  • Hyperextended knees

These positions can lead to decreased range of motion, joint and muscular pain, muscle imbalances, increased muscle tension and headaches. When the body works in this improper position, muscles are being overused and fatigue easily, creating risk for injury and muscular strains.

The most common symptoms of long days at a desk include:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulder pain

Massage therapy can help and improve this condition. In my practice I often see the hunched forward position. Most commonly the pectoralis muscles and the anterior (front) of the neck are short and tight, further pulling the shoulders and neck into this improper position. As a massage therapist, I can use Swedish massage techniques to decrease muscular tension enabling the muscles to relax so that then they can lengthen and allow the body to place itself in a proper and pain free position.

Applying these techniques is also very important for the low back and hips. Releasing muscular tension in the hip flexors and lower back will not only help with low back pain but also to correct the tilting and unevenness of the pelvis. Relaxation of these muscles also decreases pressure placed on the joints, allowing for an increase in range of motion and flexibility to help the body to easily perform daily activities free of pain.

As a registered massage therapist, it is important to emphasize how massage is able to help people relax and even increase circulation throughout the body. Tension in our bodies can be created not only by poor posture but also by stress. Regular massage treatments are great for helping to relieve the tension and pain created by stress.

Sitting at a desk for a majority of the day is a required part of many careers and daily life. Allow massage therapy be a useful tool allowing one to achieve a healthy posture. Therapists can also use techniques such a hydrotherapy and therapeutic exercise to further relax,
stretch and strengthen muscles to achieve and maintain this posture. Massage therapy can also work well along with chiropractic treatments, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and counselling.

I encourage you to use massage therapy to help you achieve the best possible posture to leave work feeling great and pain free. Massage therapy is a start at attaining a healthy and pain free lifestyle.

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