Dr. Renata Zambo

BSc (Hons.) Kin, ND, CISSN Naturopathic Doctor & Certified Sports Nutritionist

Dr. Renata ZamboDr. Renata Zambo is a Naturopathic physician who believes everyone should be able to experience life at the next level through a body that is functional, healthy, and happy. She believes that setting and conquering some serious health goals is totally possible, especially when you have a whole team to support you.

Dr. Renata did her undergraduate degree at McMaster in Kinesiology and studied at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Her own sporting background in synchronized swimming and diving has motivated her to find a niche in sports medicine, where she has had the chance to work with athletes in the MILB and NFL. She has an interest in concussion management and optimal nutrition for athletes. Outside of athletics, she has a passion for all things digestive health, such as IBS and SIBO, metabolic conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol, vascular disease, eczema, and anxiety and depression.

Above all, Dr. Renata loves working with people and is excited to work with you on your health journey. Outside of medicine, Dr. Renata is an avid rock climber and health foodie. She is currently training for a half marathon and finds joy in the simple things like a good cup of coffee or a sci fi novel.